Greetings, I’m Aayush

I’m a product engineer currently building for myself and I like wearing many hats when building products, pretty much everything from making design decisions to writing the application to taking it to production [something I need to do more]. While doing this all of that is not a one man task, I have been fortunate enough to have gotten the opportunity to work with some interesting people.

I learn best by building stuff. Pretty much everything I have learnt uptil now has been a result of the sweats of time spent debugging errors in my code. I love meeting new people - talk about tech, life, finance, experiences, hobbies - feel free to reach me on twitter @0xpalcodes.

I like writing, but very often I find myself in the think-wish-forget loop. But today is one of those days when I shut up and do what I set out to do which is think-do-iterate. While constantly juggling through all kinds of emotions, experiences that life has to throw at me, I feel collected, resolved when I come across articles that inspire me in the most grounded manner, providing the most practical approach to forming a constructive habit. One such treasure is Linus’s blog and I’m shamelessly using his theme Carlisle as a base for my blog as it hit just the right chords with my current writing needs. I will on the side, work on my own version of the design and will release that when ready. No promises.

I want this blog to be a public collection of my musings about life, tech, travel, football and everything in between.